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UPDATE UPDATE: Detroit Series Still On (for now) with Adjusted Schedule

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No additional positive results. Unless you count jdog’s new appreciation of Twitter.

MLB: AUG 09 Pirates at Cardinals
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Photo by Rick Ulreich/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Cardinals originally were to play a “home and home” series vs. the Tigers starting Monday. To reduce that travel, the Cards now will travel from Milwaukee to Detroit to work out Monday. They then are to start a 4-game series starting Tuesday, play a double header Wednesday, then the finale Thursday.


Things are not getting better:

Per Goold about an hour ago:

To re-set: Last Thursday was an off-day for the Cards. About 11 PM that night, 2 unnamed pitchers (per Jon Heyman) tested positive for COVID.

The dominoes quickly fell: Friday at 6 AM, the team ordered all players and personnel to quarantine at the hotel; that same day, 2 rounds of testing were administered (including a same-day-result version); and MLB moved yesterday’s opener with the Brewers to Sunday, creating a double header of 7-inning games.

Then this morning, the announcement came regarding the additional positive tests. None of the six players have been named.

A summary of where things stand, from a P-D article from Goold:

• Six members of the traveling party have been isolated from the team. They will undergo additional testing today.

• The entire traveling party is undergoing more tests Saturday morning.

• Not all of the results from Friday’s exams have been reported or reviewed by the team.