New Beginnings in a Mid-Season Crisis

I wouldn't quite say the US or baseball or hell myself are really middle aged necessarily. I don't know the age of international sports leagues and the US would seem young if it weren't for recent events. It did so well IMO for the last 100 years or so, but there are recent events and the rising spectre of obvious potential turnover.

For myself, I had my pretty sweet sports car (3000GT) back when I was 18/19/20, before burning out and joining the ole Tun Tavern Club. Hopefully that burning out translates to peeling out for the US and MLB.

I hope recovery from 2020, feels a lot like the USMC helping me crush the recovery from my year 20 mid-life crisis. Not easy necessarily, but setting up the next decade of success, growth and happiness for everyone, especially for those whom 2020 made feel like a new beginning.


I've been deciding to write something, not to give a pep talk, but to recognize what this online community has meant to me, positive and negative.

I learned about safety razors here, which in addition to providing a superior shave, also saved me tons of money (when I was shaving everyday).

I learned about new restaurants.


*cough* streaming VPN *cough*

Arguing pedantically

New recipes from And Stan

I've changed some political opinions

Arguing pedantically


Roster Construction

It's been a place for me to lean on when I was mentally and emotionally exhausted, a place to rant and unfortunately more recently a place to lash out. I do hope in return you all have also enjoyed my writing.

I hope MLB is able to restart for everyone that needs it, but more so I hope our country is able to heal its many self-inflicted wounds so we don't become the spectre of history past that we previously fought and were supposed to have defeated, the willingness of people to subjugate subsets of the population under their control for personal enjoyment, gain or global acceleration.

I think it's sad that more progress hasn't been made and mistakes avoided. I think it's sad that we're facing an "Independence Day" and that's how I feel, who once chided my step dad for dropping a little American flag on the ground at the grocery store and not picking it up. I think it's sad.

But except for a slight welling, I would have still said I'm numb. I hope we're not sad and numb much longer or I'm afraid we'll have to admit, we're no longer in our 20s or even middle aged. In this world turnover is inevitable, but this felt like too soon.