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Latest on the 2020 MLB Season

Miami Marlins v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

With Major League Baseball currently in the backseat as the nation trudges through the coronavirus pandemic, we are all curious when we will start seeing some signs of baseball life. According to a report from Joel Sherman of the New York Post, MLB has a proposal to present to the Players Association, and that should take place no later than the start of next week.

The proposal, as Sherman noted, likely features an outline of how a spring training in June would occur and be followed by a July start to the regular season. Of course, this proposal is subject to change — all proposals are. This one, however, is unique because it is basically completely dependent on the coronavirus. Obviously, the health of everybody involved is the top priority. To have the season rolling by July would imply that the number of cases (and resulting deaths) is decreasing across the country, especially in areas where training and/or regular season games could be held. Stay at home orders would need to be weakened or lifted. What would social distancing look like, and will there be enough tests and PPE for the players, coaching staffs, and team personnel?

MLB prefers to have teams play as many games as possible in their home park for a few reasons. This would allow teams to live at home, and players would not have to leave their families for extended periods. Playing in home parks would cancel the logistical nightmare that would come with moving all teams to either Arizona or Florida. Teams could also broadcast games, and there is always the hope that fans might eventually be able to attend.

We should hear more about the proposed plan in the next few days, and perhaps we will have some real dates to look forward to soon. But for now, we wait.

As many of you know and probably listen to, KMOX has been broadcasting the Cardinals 2011 postseason run. Game 4 of the World Series is on Friday evening, followed by Game 5 on Saturday, Game 6 on Sunday, and Game 7 on Monday. Click here to listen!