Cards vs Cubs MLB The Show Simulation

Hey everyone, this is my first time posting so forgive me if the formatting is wonky.

I'm guessing a lot of you are Fangraphers and saw that they ran a simulation of the Cardinals-Dodgers game yesterday (we came back from down 0-4 early to win 5-4 in an exciting game!). If you're wanting more of that, BleedCubbieBlue has been streaming each game of their season, and they're playing the Cards today through Sunday. I think it'd be fun to join in and maybe join their comment thread and try not to get banned, if anyone wants to join. They're starting at 3:00 pm and will have an article with a link in the comments up this afternoon.

On a related note, if anyone has MLB The Show 2020 and is up for streaming a simulated Cardinals season (on Twitch or Youtube), I would definitely watch every game. I don't have a PS4 and can't really afford one right now or I would try to set this up myself. Do any of you have a PS4 and MLB The Show 2020 that would be interested in simulating the Cardinals' season and streaming it on Twitch or Youtube for us to watch?

I know I don't post/comment much, but I read every VEB article and I miss the community, especially as there's really limited articles now and most only have like 10 comments. I think streaming the season could get a lot more interaction with the site, which I'd love and would be a welcome distraction/familiarity with the stress that we're all under right now.

Stay safe out there, everyone!