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Fox Sports Midwest will be called something else - A Hunt and Peck

Sure... why not.

NLCS - San Francisco Giants v St Louis Cardinals - Game Two Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

“This might as well happen.”

2020 has been a weird, sad, lonely, gut wrenching year. It has just been one giant bummer after another, with moments of fleeting joy sprinkled in between. With all that in mind, Sinclair Broadcasting granting new naming rights for the channel formerly known as Fox Sports Midwest to a gambling company called Bally Corporation might have been bigger news, but now... this might as well happen.

Bally Corporation is reported to give Sinclair Broadcasting $85 million to rename their regional sport networks. What does this mean for the viewer besides a new name on the channel guide? I am not exactly sure, to be honest. Per the Sinclair President and CEO Chris Ripley as quoted by Dan Caesar in the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

“...Consumers of live sports in the future can look forward to a more dynamic and engaging sports viewing experience. ... This partnership perfectly positions our sports portfolio to fully capitalize on changing audience behavior.”

Former VEB site manager Craig Edwards knows a lot more than I do, though, so instead I will share what he had to say:

Of course, some people do not have access to the Cardinals regional sports network at all, but that may change after the network changes. Per Caesar again:

But Sinclair president and CEO Chris Ripley said Thursday that what now is known as Fox Sports Midwest, as well as other regional sports networks Sinclair owns nationwide, will be available for customers to purchase independently.

”We have a pretty aggressive plan,” he said. “It will happen next year.”

Sinclair apparently wants to give viewers options now that they want to funnel their new gambling platform to them. There is a wrinkle in the case of Missouri, however, as the state has not legalized sports betting.

The bottom line is there is a lot unknown about how this will play out. What we do know for sure is the Fox Sports Midwest as we knew it will be changing. We just don’t know how.

Just add it to the list.

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