What does an Arenado trade look like?

Howdy Card's fans. We are in the slow part of the offseason. The FA signings have died down, players havent yet reported, and all we have to keep an eye out is for the minor league deals with invites and the odd whisper of a trade. And thats exactly what i'll do today, because frankly its been a slow offseason for STL and I just want to talk some baseball. And before I get type this up just know im a fan just like all of yall, I am no expert on trade value nor am i scout that can acurately predict a players career path/arc so take my proposal with a grain of salt before you bombard me lol! But im all for criticsim so lets hear it!

So about a month or so ago rumors went around that Colorado would listen to offers on Arenado, not exactly actively looking to trade, but at least doing due diligence.

And a couple days ago a rumor, whose source I cannot really confirm or deem credible, has stated that Colorado has either had talks with STL and CHC about Arenado, or at least believe they have interesting components for trades. Now the Cubs farm i do believe is pretty bare, and they still have KB so I don't quite see the fit unless he is shipped, prospects returned can then be packaged with a large deal (Heyward?) to make things happen.

But STL is interesting. They have been reluctant to spend big this offseason on FA, but have kept the door open to impact trades - which is what Arenado would be. So the purpose of my post, other than just to chat with yall about baseball, is to see what the acquisition cost would be (and how comfortable everyone would be with a proposed trade) and what the team would look like moving forward.

The Trade:

Now the trade would have a few main components that i believe would be necessary for both parts. First of all, I believe proposed package revolves around Nolan Gorman. And that makes sense, you get rid of you franchise 3B and receive one that could be very good at the same position, just in a couple years. Next, due to payroll, Im sure STL would make it necessary for Colorado to take back one of Matt Carpenter or Dexter Fowler. Now both are interesting, as both have larger deals but would actually make good sense for Colorado. While Carp is coming off a bad year, he has the track record and is on the perfect deal (length wise) to be the bridge from Arenado to Gorman. Plus, with the way he hits Coors would do him well, as it does many. Dexter plays more of a current need, the outfield. And he also has going for him the fact he started his career in Colorado. And they have made similar moves in the past (Matt Holiday).

From there I am sure at least one of the Cardinals many young arms would be demanded, and with the excess we have, I would happily oblige if i was GM. There are a number of them to choose from.

The last component I believe would be a young player with MLB experience, that has had some success at the top level. I weirded that initial sentence awkwardly but I mean a player who can contribute now and well into the future, but also has the benefit of youth on their side. Here I once again look at the outfield mostly : Tyler O'neill , Randy Arozarena , Harrison Bader , Lane Thomas and Tommy Edman. Each of those players brings unique skillsets. TON with consistent time could be a 25+ HR threat in Colorado, Bader would be an amazing choice to patrol CF for years to come in the hitter friendly field, Edman just had a fantastic first year and brings versatility to play multiple positions at a high level. Thomas and Arozarena look like they can be groomed into long term starters. All come with a bit of risk too, TON has hit strikeout problems, Bader gets cold quicker than Greenland in December, Edman could be a 1 hit wonder as he essentially came out of nowhere , and LT / RA could cap at "4th OF material".

Those are the main components that I think it would take. A mixture of those gets the phone answered in my opinion and then they go from there. Afterall Arenado as an acquisition isn't a 100% guranteed smash it. He can opt out after 2021 and there is always the stimga that COL players get worse away from Colorado (though elite defense tranfers most places in the infield and he is just a pure hitter).

My Proposed trade:

COL Receives : Matt Carpenter , Nolan Gorman , Alex Reyes , Lane Thomas, and a lesser prospect or two

STL Receives : Nolan Arenado

It stings to part with a stud 3B prospect and Alex Reyes. But Reyes could use a fresh start somewhere. Carp bridges the gap at 3B in colorado and LT can instantly look to play a role in a Colorado team who doesnt have a whole lot of certainty outside of Blackmon. And if im being quite honest I did actually consider sweetening the pot with another great prospect or two and having us receive Jon Gray but TBH im happy with our rotation right now.

The Cardinals with their new star 3B instantly have the best infield defense in the league (in my opinion) with Arenado , Dejong , Wong , and Goldschmidt. The outfield can the be comprised of Fowler, Bader , Edman with a frequent sub in the form of either TON , RA , or Jose Martinez (if he isnt moved to the AL which i still think happens sometime).

What do you think? Do you think my trade is enough for COL to say yes? Am I offering too much? LMK in the comments. It's a high risk - high reward trade for Colorado in my opinion but STL could use another legitmate star and Arenado is a tremendous fit. Thanks for reading!