The Cardinals Offseason

The Cardinals have $29.5 million coming off the books in the form of:

$13 million - Jedd Gyorko

$6.35 million - Michael Wacha

$6 million - Luke Gregorson

$2.65 million - Tony Cingrani

$1.5 million - Matt Wieters

They also have an additional $14.25 million coming off the books in:

$12.25 million - Marcell Ozuna

$2 million Adam Wainwright

Of those people, Wainwright will come back to St. Louis if he wants to and strikes another team-friendly deal. Wieters probably should come back if the Cardinals can sign him for less than $4 million, and Ozuna probably should be brought back as a MOTO bat.

To pay for Ozuna, they will have to trade Fowler. Ozuna is a better bat than Fowler, so this should be a no-brainer. Trading Fowler means eating at least $6 million per year over his last two years. Last year, AJ Pollock received 4 years/$55 million. If the Cardinals could sign Ozuna to a $4 year/$64 million deal, they would still net $6 million in savings from Fowler AND have a better player....Even if they went up to 4/$80 million, they would still be saving money on the outfield.

Replacing Gregorson salary-wise should be Will Smith, LHP, Giants. The Cardinals have coveted him for years. He is better than Gregorson and Cecil, so sign him to a 3 year/$18 million deal and it is cost neutral...Though the Cardinals should be willing to go as high as they did with Cecil, because let's face it, Smith is far better than Cecil...

Speaking of Cecil, he is owed $7.25 million next year, has been an absolute disaster for the Cardinals, as even in 2017, when he had an ERA under 4, he was allowing over 40% of inherited runners to score. I say trade him and $6.5 million to Baltimore for international cap space....

Another trade I would make would be Jose Martinez. He is set to make $2.125 million next year. Trade him away for international cap space, too. The Cardinals have better options in Arozorena, Thomas, O'Neill and Carlson...Clear the roster space. It's not like the Cardinals gave up anything to acquire Jose Martinez, they just gave the Royals cash. The roster space is more valuable for the Cardinals than JMart is.

To replace Wacha, I would sign Dallas Keuchel or Jake Ordorizzi. Both should be had for 3-4 years, $60-80 million. The salaries of Gyorko and Wacha essentially pay the salary of Wacha's replacement (plus, there are some savings from trading Fowler and retaining Ozuna). Both are upgrades over Wacha. Keuchel has the benefit you know he will not have a QO attached.

The flier I would take would be Arodyz Viscaino. He has a career 3.01 ERA and 1.286 WHIP. He only played 4 games last year before having shoulder surgery. If the Cardinals could get him on a relatively inexpensive 1-3 year deal, it could be a steal...