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Goldy Harvests 7 RBIs in 10-0 Moonwalk Over Brewers

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Waino twirls a bewitching 6 scoreless


I see a bad man a-rising
I see trouble come your way
I see grand slams and dingers
I see bad times today
Don’t go there tonight
He’s bound to use his might
There’s a bad man on the rise

Strange things happen on Friday the 13th. Stranger things happen during a Harvest Moon on Friday the 13th. Strange, beautiful things.

It was the Adam and Goldy show, as the tall guys handled the bulk of the heavy lifting to help the Cards get on top early and keep it that way, adding on to cruise to an easy victory. While the Cards only had 8 hits total, 7 of those were focused in their two run-scoring innings, the 4th and the 6th, punctuated by a grand slam and a 3-run shot by Goldy in those frames, respectively.

Adam Wainwright did not have sharp command early on, really with any of his pitches. Through just three innings, he already had thrown 56 pitches, going to several deep counts, walking 2. But, he also struck out 4 during that time and gave up just 2 hits. Usually he can rely on one pitch type in his arsenal if others fail, but it took him a bit to work through rough at-bats, albeit without giving up damage. He got a bit lucky in the third, giving up hard contact and ultimately getting saved by a line-out double play.

But after that, it was smooth sailing through the next three full innings, as he continued to blank the Brewers on no hits and tallied an additional 3 strikeouts while walking just one more.

Plus, Waino had the first Cards’ hit of the night, a ringing lead-off double in the fourth. That sparked the first big inning for the team, and after Goldy’s grand slam made it 4-0, Waino settled down for the remainder of his outing.

The Cards ballooned the lead to 10-0 by following a similar formula used in the 4th: loading the bases with a mix of walks and hits, then getting the big fly, again by Goldy. Good plan.

After that, Helsley, Leone, and Cabrera each pitched a full inning of scoreless relief each, as Shildt also emptied the bench, getting 7 subs in to the game, with only Knizner, Martinez, and Wieters not seeing any action.

Top of 1st

Waino efforted through 23 pitches to get his three outs in the first.

Leadoff batter Trent Grisham singled on a cheap-o bloop that fell into short left. Waino exacerbated things by walking Yasmani Grandal on 7 pitches, missing with a 3-2 curve that hung outside. Adam got out 1, however, by inducing Moustakas to pop out in foul territory next to the 3rd-base bag for a nice unproductive out.

Batting cleanup, Lorenzo Cain popped out in the opposite foul territory, on a nice running catch over the shoulder by Goldschmidt. But it was far enough down the line to allow Grandal to tag and move to third.

Now with first and third and 2 outs, Wainwright was being careful and went to a full count on Eric Thames. With the runner from first going on the pitch, Waino pulled the string on Uncle Charlie, getting a check-swing strike 3 to escape the jam.

Bottom of 1st

Continuing to produce like the leadoff guy he’s been in the recent past, Dexter Fowler worked a walk, forcing Houser to throw 7 pitches. Kolten, however, watched a 1-2 slow curve float around the outside edge the ump incorrectly (and emphatically) called strike 3.

On a 3-2 count, Goldy foul-tipped strike into the catcher’s mitt as Dex took off for second, getting in a long-ish rundown but ultimately getting tagged out to end the inning on the strike-’em-out/run-’em-down out.

Top of 2nd

Ben Gamel and Cory Spangenberg went down via back-to-back strikeouts, both getting the patented Waino slow curve. Not waiting for that hook, Orlando Arcia singled on a grounder to center on the first pitch, a sinker that caught too much of the plate. No matter, as the pitcher was up next, and Waino dispatched him via strikeout, his 4th already.

Bottom of 2nd

The Big Bear always dreamt of being a leadoff guy, and he led off the 2nd by fulfilling that dream, earning a walk on a full count. Paul DeJong did not mimick the 2-hole hitter, as he left Ozuna camped at first by striking out on a slider that presumably was a mistake up and away, but enough so that DeJong couldn’t club it.

Then, a rarity. Yadier hit a slow roller to deep short, and while Dex was forced at second, Yadi out-ran the relay to first, to keep the inning alive. With 2 outs and a 1-2 count, Yadi took off from first, but MicroPlug Edman bounced a grounder to second for the easy third out.

Top of 3rd

Back to facing the top of the lineup, Waino went to 3-2 on Grisham, his third full count of the night, and ultimately walked him (2nd of the night) on a fastball just missing up and away. Adam got a bit fortunate against next batter Grandal, who swung at a couple of not-strikes, the last one up and away out of the zone that he flew to Marcell for the first out.

Then Waino and the Cards really got fortunate, as on yet another full count, Moustakas lined a middle-in non-sinking sinker hard (105 mph EV), but right into the mitt of Pauly G, who hopped nonchalantly to nearby first to double off Grisham to get out of the inning.

Bottom of 3rd

Not a great sign when your 8th-place hitter leads off in the third. Still looking for the Cards’ first hit, Bader didn’t help things by swinging over a well-placed fastball over, but at the bottom of the zone, striking out (the Cards’ 4th on the night) for out 1.

But things got much better from there.

Proud batter Wainwright battled, getting down 1-2, then fouled off 3, and turned on an inner-half fastball, pulling it down the left-field line for a double at 107 mph, producing a 1 digit in the “H” column; finally. The hitters never heard the end of it.

Dex kept the inning going, getting his second walk of the night out of the three given up by Houser. Sneaky Wong caught the Brewers off-guard, bunting toward the third-base line. The pitcher fielded it cleanly but wound up his throw, which took too long, and Kolten beat it out to load the bases with 1 out. Wong lunged at the bag to beat it out, landing a little awkwardly out in front of his skis, but he seemed okay.

Now with a great scoring opportunity, Goldschmidt dropped the bat head on a down-and-in slider, shooting a 3-iron laser just over the left-field wall for a grand slam!!! 4-0 Cards, just like that!!! It was his 30th dinger and earned a sheepish curtain call from the low-key first baseman.

Next, Ozuna got jobbed by the “Look at Me” ump, who rung him up in his dramatic fashion on a curve six inches wide of the outside corner. (No idea if it was 6 inches, but that seems right.) DeJong got things going again by using a short swing to hit a sharp liner to right for a single. That was short-lived, however, as Yadi flew harmlessly out to right just into foul territory.

Top of 4th

Needing a quick inning to tamp down his pitch count (coming into the 4th at 56), Adam got it. Rejuvenated with a sudden 4-0 lead, Waino went into efficiency mode, and retired Cain on 2 pitches, getting him to fly out to Dex in right. After getting ahead 0-2 on Eric Thames (the second on a foul that Marcell couldn’t run in to catch), Adam took care of things himself, striking out Thames for the second time, this one on a 77 mph curve, the third pitch. Lastly, he made quick work of Gamel, who flew out on his third pitch on a lazy fly to Bader in center. Adam exited with 64 pitches.

Bottom of 4th

St. Louis native righty Devin Williams came in to pitch for the Brewers. No word if any of his friends or relatives were in attendance. Maybe he hasn’t called recently. Tommy Edman showed patience, walking on 5 pitches, 4 of them fastballs. Bader next struck out for the second time on the night, watching a fastball that actually was just beyond the outer edge. Waino then sacrificed Edman to second, squaring, pulling back, and squaring to bunt one nearly too firmly back to the pitcher, who decided to go to first.

Looking for a 2-out RISP hit, Dex stepped in as Edman pretended he was in Riverdance, jigging well off second. On a 2-2 pitch, Edman sped for third, reading the pitcher perfectly, taking off before he started his windup, reaching safely without a throw.

Fowler then sent a shallow fly into left that briefly seemed as if it would fall safely to the grass, but left fielder Grisham caught up to it, catching it on the run to end the threat.

Top of 5th

Cory Spangenberg was a pest, forcing Adam to throw 8 pitches to finally retire him on an easy bouncing grounder that Goldy took for the unassisted out. Orlando Arcia, however, walked, as Adam just missed on a few pitches that could’ve gone either way.

David Freitas stepped in to pinch hit, perhaps signaling a coming parade of relievers from the Brewers’ dugout. His time wasn’t well spent, as he struck out looking in four pitches. Turing the lineup over, Grisham didn’t feel much like batting that inning, as he flew a can of tots to Bader in center on the first pitch for the third out.

Bottom of 5th

The next Milwaukee pitcher to appear was righty Jake Faria. Kolten led off and nubbed a swinging bunt to the pitcher’s right, who threw high to first, allowing the Hustling Hawaiian to reach. (A good throw might not have nabbed him anyway.) Goldschmidt next produced an unproductive out, striking out swinging on an over-but-down diving changeup. Continuing the poor swings of his teammates this inning, Marcell took an odd cut at a hanging slider, unable to get good wood on it, flying out to right. DeJong also made Faria look good, striking out swinging somehow on a 93 mph fastball right down the pipe.

Top of 6th

Looking more locked in since the fourth, Adam notched his 7th strikeout by getting Grandal to swing over a slow, biting curve. Flashing dat hook again, he got Moustakas out of synch, inducing him to pop out to his good buddy Yadi behind the plate. Next hitter Cain likewise was a bit out in front, hitting a soft liner off the end of his bat to Edman at third for an easy 1-2-3 inning.

Waino now sat at 97 pitches, and he was due up 4th in the next inning. However, the Cards bullpen exhibited little action beyond some dudes stretching.

Bottom of 6th

Molina led off with a walk for his first appearance on base. Edman then pulled a soft liner into shallow right. The right fielder had a long run to get to it, so Tommy turned on the afterburners, turning a comfy single into a hustling double, as Yadi chugged to third.

Looking to do something besides strike out (twice tonight), Bader reached base by getting plunked on the front shoulder with a mis-placed 80 mph splitter. Now with the bases juiced and nobody out, Shildt went for the throat and sent in Carpenter to pinch-hit for Wainwright, who returned to the dugout to a standing ovation.

Matt gave Cards Nation brief elation, as he sent an over/low splitter to the track in right, nearly missing the second grand slam on the night. Molina scored easily to make it 5-0, and Edman tagged and went to third. With first and third, 1 out, Bader swiped second on a 2-0 count. Dex watched two more balls go by, re-loading the bases with his third walk of the evening. That was it for Faria, as Counsel brought in one of the Brewers’ 48 remaining relievers, righty Jimmy Nelson. Tyrone Taylor entered to play right. Right fielder Gamble moved over to center, replacing Cain, who exited to find something more fun to do.

With the infield playing in, Kolten ignored them, shooting a liner over short into left for his third hit, scoring the speedsters Edman and Bader easily, now making it 7-0!!!

With first and second and 1 out, Pauly G sauntered into the box and launched an over-and-not-low-enough sinker into center for his second dinger of the night, this one a 3-run job, totaling 7 RBIs for him, earning a second curtain call, making it 10-0!!!

Proving how rally-killing homers really can be, both Ozuna and DeJong could not ignite a new one and both struck out, Marcell looking in 4 pitches, and Pauly D swinging in three.

Top of 7th

Ryan Helsley came in to protect the Cards’ 10-0 lead. Throwing strikes, mixing 98 mph heaters with low/mid/high-80s curves and cutters, he got off to a good start, getting Thames to fly out to shallow left on a nice down-and-away curve. Then he upped things a tick, running a 99 mph fastball inside on Gamel, who grounded it meekly to Edman for the second out. Keeping with that formula, he sat down Spangenberg on more weak contact, getting him to pop out to Edman between third and the mound. He threw just 10 pitches.

I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Bottom of 7th

The Brewers made defensive changes, with Jacob Nottingham replacing Moustakas at third and Travis Shaw catching for Yasmani Grandal.

With Yadi leading off, there was a brief pause, after he sent a high foul pop behind home, which hit a young man on the forehead. He was shown with an ice pack but sitting upright. It later was reported that he was doing fine.

Yadi then sent a sinking fly ball foul down the right-field line that Tyrone Tayler ran down, slid, and caught, banging his legs ito the padded wall for a gutsy play. It was his first appearance in the field in the major leagues. The ball will find you, son.

After Edman worked a walk, Bader struck out on an over-but-below-the-zone knuckle curve, looking more like pre-demotion Harrison than the post-demotion version. Next Tyler O’Neil hit in Helsley’s spot, and got jammed on a 92 mph sinker, popping out to first.

Top of 8th

Dominic Leone now came in to get some work. Tyler remained in to play left; Randy Arozarena replaced Dex in right. Leone made fairly quick work of Brewer hitters, getting Arcia to line out to right on his first pitch, and Taylor to ground out to third on his second pitch. His control strayed against Grisham, walking him. Travis Shaw came up, and while the sharpness on Leone’s pitches waned, he endured to get Shaw to strike out swinging on a nice low cutter.

Bottom of 8th

Continuing the reliever carousel, righty Taylor Williams entered to face hitters sporting uni numbers of offensive linemen. First, Arozarena (#66) struck out looking on a slider that really was just a bit outside. Getting more bench players in, Shildt sent Edmundo Sosa (#63) to bat for Wong. Sosa got great wood on one, sizzling a low liner that unfortunately was right at third baseman Shaw for out 2. Next off the bench was Joe Hudson (#68), the brother Dakota never knew he had. (Not true, as far as I know.) Joe battled for 6 pitches then watched pitch 7 go by for a called strike 3 that was inside off the plate. This ump wanted to get to dinner.

Top of 9th

To close things out, the Cards sent in young lefty Genesis Cabrera. More bench guys got into the field: Sosa to second, Yairo Munoz to short, Rangel Ravelo to first. Cabrera retired his first batter, getting Jacob Nottingham to fly out to Arozarena in right.

Tyler Austin came in to pinch-hit for the Brewers and also flew out to Randy in right, this one hit a bit harder. With 2 outs, a slider got away from Genesis, hitting Thames to put him on. He then worked on Gamel, going to 3-2. Perhaps a bit too amped up, he left a 97 mph heater up and in to walk him. Starting over against new pinch hitter Hernan Perez, Cabrera got ahead 1-2, then evened the count with a high 99 mph heater for a ball. Mixing things up, he got Perez to chase a slider out of the zone, which was tapped back to Genesis, who tossed it to first for the final out.

Cards won, 10-0!!!

Bottom of 9th

Not Applicable


  • Waino continued his love of home cooking, lowering his home ERA to 2.26 (compared to 6.03 away).
  • Was the 17th multi-homer game for Goldy.
  • Goldschmidt’s 7 RBIs now is his single-game career high.
  • Pauly G’s 2 curtain calls now is his single-game career high.
  • Brewers had won 3 in a row since losing Yelich.
  • Brew Crew now are 7-10 against the Cards, their worst record against any NL Central foe.
  • Cards now have won 7 of 8 at home vs. Brewers.
  • Was the Cards’ 13th shutout in 2019...on Friday the 13th.
  • Cards now are 4 over the Cubs; 5 over Milwaukee.
  • Tom Lawless was visting Busch on this night for some reason.
    He broke several light fixtures re-creating his bat flip.