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The Cardinals have the best record in baseball! - A Hunt and Peck

It has been really fun!

St Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

At the risk of jinxing everything, I am here to point out the Cardinals have the best record in baseball. Their 20 wins and 10 losses give them a .667 winning percentage. The team closest is the Twins at 18-10 and .643 winning percentage. It is still early and a lot can change, but let’s look at how the team has gotten here so far!

The Cardinals are 12-4 at home and 8-6 on the road.

The old adage is to win every series at home and go .500 on the road. So far, the Birdos are winning at home at a .750 rate and .571 on the road. Their home record is the second best in baseball after the Astros.

The Cardinals are undefeated in extra inning games

This certainly will not hold up as the season goes on, but the Cardinals are currently 2-0 in games that go into extras.

The Cardinals are beating good teams

At 14-8 against teams with records above .500, the Cardinals have the third best winning percentage in baseball in that category (the Rays are 3-1 and the Phillies are 8-4)

The Cardinals position players have been excellent

The Cardinals are second in baseball in position player fWAR — 7.0, just behind the Dodgers 8.2 fWAR). The team has positive value in every facet — offensive, defense, and baserunning.

The Cardinals have had a deep lineup

Six of the eight Cardinals regulars have a wRC+ over 120, and José Martínez, who until recently has played more of a bench role has wRC+ of 141 in 86 plate appearances. There are only two Cardinals with a wRC+ below average: Matt Carpenter at 86 and Yadier Molina at 78.

It is fair to question whether the Cardinals are just hot right now or if this is the team to expect going forward. The answer probably lies somewhere in the middle. The team is hot right now; it is unreasonable to expect the team to win nine of every ten games from here on out. The Cardinals offense has shown it is a force with dangerous hitters up and down it.

Are the Cardinals... dare I say... good?

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