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Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina are #FriendshipGoals Part 2- A Hunt and Peck

How many times can I write about the same thing? A lot, apparently.

World Series Game 5: Detroit Tigers v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I realized today that I have been writing this very ridiculous series for over five years. That seemed like a long time, so I double-checked and it is absolutely true. In those five years we have covered many hard-hitting news stories. In that amount of time - over 1300 “articles” or so (that cannot be right, can it?) - some stories will be revisited. This cannot be helped.

It seems like every year I write about the relationship between Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina at least once, usually more. It is a beautiful thing and it deserves so much more than I am able to give it. Once more I must try, as Yadi and Waino were #friendshipgoals yet again.

It was a great moment. The St. Louis Blues, having already clinched a playoff spot, but fighting to better their position, were in town playing the Flyers in a track meet of a game. The Cardinals had the night off due to rain pushing the home opener back a day. The camera pans over to Yadier Molina, who has made a few appearances at Blues games in the past few years. The crowed erupts. Molina smiles and waves before a look of recognition spreads across his face. He skips down the stairs and pulls someone from behind the frosted glass he had been hidden behind. The crowd erupts again.

We all know who that fellow was, for who else could it be?

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