Transaction Analysis update--Cards recall both Giovanny Gallegos and Tyler Webb

Well, I was partially right. I had said that the 3 options to recall for 2 spots Daniel were Daniel Ponce de Leon, Tyler Webb and Giovanny Gallegos. Many had figured Ponce de Leon was a lock because he had not pitched yet and could serve as an additional long relief option. Despite Gallegos having great success at retiring lefthanders in his minor league career, I leaned towards Shildt selecting Webb over him because certain Dodger lefty mashers had pronounced platoon splits.

In an interesting development, the Cards have decided to recall both Gallegos and Webb. Ponce de Leon will be left in Memphis to start tonight. Although Wainwright is on the mound tonight, and Ponce de Leon could have served as a piggyback option if he faltered, Ponce will be left with Memphis to start tonight's game at San Antonio. The reasoning for not recalling Ponce de Leon likely has to do with wanting to keep his development as a starter going. He has shown flashes of success, as evidenced by his 7 IP no-hit debut with us last year. But he struggled mightily this spring. In 15.1 IP over 5 games and 3 starts, he gave up 18 H, 15 ER and an ugly 12 BB to go along with 12 SO. Since he has yet to pitch in a game that counted, the Cards may have felt that it was better for Ponce to rediscover his confidence and command at Memphis without him worrying about having to help the big club in a jam.

Gallegos has only faced 133 batters in the majors across 2017 (88) and 2018 (45) and showed no reverse platoon split. But in his minor league career for the past 3 years, he has retired lefthanders at a much better clip than righties. Here are the slash stats.

2016: .128/.162/.208 vs lefties; .216/.274/.346 vs. righties

2017: .211/.265/.339 vs lefties; .221/.267/.375 vs righties

2018: .193/.245/.261 vs lefties; .225/.273/.324 vs righties

So Gallegos serves as a fresh arm, having only pitched in Memphis's opener on April 4, and as someone who has demonstrated at least in the minors that he can get lefthanders out. It will be interesting to see how the bullpen sorts itself out, and whether Hudson will remain in the rotation.