Matt Carpenter and the Cardinals just agreed to a little ole’ extension


The St. Louis Cardinals announced a mysterious press conference for today at 3:00pm. Since everyone is signing extensions nowadays, that seemed to be the popular guess as to the reason. Turns out we were right. At the press conference the Cardinals announced they have agreed to a contract extension with Matt Carpenter.

The Cardinals drafted Carpenter back in 2009 and he has been with the team ever since, making his debut in 2011. In 2012 he got his first real taste in the big leagues as the Cardinals toughest bench bat. He broke out for real in 2013 and has not looked back. In eight seasons with the Birdos he has amassed 28.5 fWAR and put up a 132 wRC+. 2019 marks his age 33 season, keeping him a Cardinal until he is at least 35, hopefully 36 (because that would mean he has played well enough to trigger the vesting option).