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2019 Community Projections: Michael Wacha

2019 could be a make or break season for Wacha

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals-Media Day Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like a common theme for several of the young players in Spring Training with the Cardinals:

“This is a make or break year for the young (insert position here).”

Or, for some other players:

“(Insert player name) will look to improve their stock heading into free agency after this season.”

Michael Wacha could be considered to be both of these players. He’s also a player in the “If he can stay healthy/effective, he’ll be an important asset” club. Wacha has had some lingering injury issues that have forced him to miss some time the last few seasons. But if his first two outings of the Spring are any indicator of where he’s at (both health-wise and pitching-wise), Wacha could lend a little more stability to the rotation for the early part of the season.

Overall, I can’t say it much better than our own Lance Brodzowski did yesterday here for VEB, detailing Wacha’s first couple outings of the Spring. I would just be re-hashing what he already said, so please go check that out.

What is your outlook for Michael Wacha in 2019? Fill out the form below and let us know what you think.