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Paul Goldschmidt might sign a big ole extension (with the Cardinals) - A Hunt and Peck

At least Ken Rosenthal says so.

MLB: Spring Training-Philadelphia Phillies at St. Louis Cardinals Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Y’all remember earlier in the offseason when there was a rumor going around that Paul Goldschmidt and the Cardinals had agreed to an extension? If you do not, allow me to refresh your memory. That rumor turned out to be untrue, however there is a new rumor. Per Ken Rosenthal:

Going on 31 years old, a five year extension takes the Cardinals and Goldschmidt through his age-36 season. If this is the case, the extension would only be slightly more than what the Cardinals agreed to with Adam Wainwright starting 2014, Waino’s age-32 season. That deal was for five years and $97.5 million. Of course, after putting up a 5 fWAR season in 2014, Waino tore his Achilles in 2015 and never really returned to that same form, unfortunately. The floor for Goldschmidt seems a bit higher, so while a contract like this to a player over 30 is always a bit risky, it is the type of calculated risk the Cardinals so often make. If Goldschmidt can perform anywhere close to how he has in the past, it could be a great deal for the Cardinals.

Then again, Rosenthal says the deal will exceed $110 million and what that means is unclear.

Either way, the Cardinals have Paul freakin’ Goldschmidt on their team right now. That just makes me so happy.

Paul Goldschmidt Cardinals extension | St. Louis Cardinals

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