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St. Louis Cardinals Gear to Ring in the 2019 Season

We know you’re excited for the new season. Why not get some new gear to celebrate?

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MLB: Cleveland Indians at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

With only days (not weeks, anymore!) separating us from Opening Day, we here at Viva El Birdos wanted to show you some clothing and accessories to show off your passion for the Cardinals throughout the season. You can never have enough gear to represent your favorite ball club! I tell myself this often; this is evident by my closet.

The products below are conveniently sorted to help you find just what you’re searching for!

A Sunny Day at Busch Stadium

Every Cardinals fan wants a jersey. Why not get one of the captain of the team? (I have three Molina jerseys - in cream, red, and blue!)

Or, if you are looking for a jersey-style top that’s not player-specific, this is a better option. (I have a powder blue top in this style... but this one is calling my name.)

Every gameday outfit is so much better when topped off with a great hat!

For the days that aren’t as hot..

The hottest game I recall in St. Louis was in July of 2012. The Cardinals played the Marlins in a three-game series, and Kyle Lohse pitched the game I attended. The temperature on the ribbon board said 106 degrees. What I am getting at is this: St. Louis can have chilly weather, too, and I think we long for cooler days as that dreadful humidity rises.

And when the cooler days come, you need to be prepared!

A pullover or a zip-up - which is your favorite style?

Road Trip!

In 2019, the Cardinals will wear blue uniforms on Saturday road games. This just gives you another reason to check out your favorite team this summer, even if they are many miles away from the Gateway City.

For full-time fandom display

I like to wear at least one Cardinals-accessory daily, considering that a lot of people think of the team when they think of me.

This Lokai bracelet is one of my favorites! It rarely leaves my wrist, and the meaning it carries is very neat.

Extra-inning games or a West-coast swing can result in less sleep, and that means you may need some help getting started in the mornings that follow. Coffee helps.

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