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2019 Community Projections: Marcell Ozuna

Will the Big Bear awaken in 2019?

MLB: Spring Training-Houston Astros at St. Louis Cardinals Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Today here at VEB, we begin our final week of the 2019 Community Projections series with Cardinals outfielder Marcell Ozuna.

If you’ve missed any of our past posts, please catch up! Your projections help us get a better idea of what the entire community sees.

St. Louis acquired Ozuna in the 2017-18 offseason to add power to the lineup and fill a void in the outfield. Back in 2017, in what was his fifth season with the Marlins, Ozuna posted a career-best .312 batting average with 37 home runs. Ozuna was tied for third in the National League in long balls with Rockies teammates Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon, trailing Giancarlo Stanton’s 59 and Cody Bellinger’s 39 homers.

Ozuna played through a shoulder injury for a chunk of the 2018 season. The injury clearly affected his throwing ability and, subsequently, impacted his offensive work. In 148 games, Ozuna posted a 79 wRC with 23 home runs and led the team with 88 runs batted in.

Ozuna had shoulder surgery over the winter and enters the 2019 season with a hope to build upon the brief flashes he produced last year. How do you see the year going for Ozuna?

Tell us!

Video is credited to the official Major League Baseball YouTube channel.