The Time is Now (BH)

it would be right now.

Not really saying we should, or we are, or we shouldn't or whatever (although I personally would love the move because its not my $$ or committment and I see it being a worthwhile move).

But just speaking as a somebody viewing the happenings in the league, now would be the time for the Cards to swoop in if there ever was one.

As you all know Manny Machado signed with the San Diego Padres for 10/300. Its a move I love because it shows the MLB doesn't have a tanking problem. The Padres, Reds, and a handful more teams are showing it, and i love it. But thats a discussion for another day - San Diego got a legit cornerstone with elite 2 way capability and has a bright future. They may be a bit maxed out on chasing big name FAs for a couple years - but they have a lot of young talent to develop or trade. But im getting off topic...

The bar has been set. Its not a given Harper will land a bigger deal than Machado - but im sure one of his biggest factors on where he chooses is eclipsing Machado's deal - and doing that isn't going to result in the 10/360 or whatever large numbers were being thrown out way back this winter and the end of the year.

Cardinals have the need for him whether they want to admit it or not. Yea we are all hoping for the best with Dexter, but realisitcally, Jose will be landing a lot of the AB with maybe a bit of O'neill sprinkled in. Dexter was a meh signing initially and with the talent we already have, it might be time to eat his contract, accept our losses, and try to improve.

Just trying to think ahead a bit here. Yadi and Carpenter are great and could honestly give great play for the foreseeable future, but they are both well into their 30s. Im hoping goldschmidt is here til he hangs them up (and he should have a game that ages fantastically) - but with Ozuna a ?? this year and heading forward, we are left with a bunch of potential and little proven bats. That is another reason I think they should jump in the race for Bryce. Regardless if we have all these bats contributing now and later, we would have AT WORST one fearsome bat in the lineup for years to come.

I've been ok with them sitting on the sidelines this offseason after nabbing Miller and Goldy (an already fantastic offseason at just that), and if they pass on Harper this is still a great offseason, especially compared to recent ones

Rumors are rumors. But the good ole Bleacher Report has recently reported (via writers and what not) that the Yankees are out on Bryce, the Padres now with MM are out on Bryce, BH isn't too enamored with Philly, the White Sox put all their chips in on MM....

That's a lot of potential suitors whose doors are shutting. Now obviously some of that is smoke, people trying to get others out of the game or drive price down/up, but im sure some of them are true. But it only helps the Cards if they want to get it in.

The Bar is set.

10/300 (or 30+ AAV while still over 8+ years) is the starting point in convos with BH and Boras.

If im the Cardinals and im serious about going all in, im picking up the phone and offering 8/260 (32.5/yr) with a couple opt outs. That has to look mighty appealing to them. An immediate contending destination in a baseball city with the #1 ranked fans by the players? Come on, its perfect. Regardless of where he goes - the coming days and weeks will be fun to watch in regards to BH - as well as the other big names still hanging around in Dallas Keuchel, Marwin Gonzales, and Craig Kimbrel.

Sorry this article was all over the place - but the MM was a fun move that caught me off guard and I figured i'd share my thoughts with Cardinal Nation.