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I am thankful for the Cardinals

Some things I am thankful for on Thanksgiving.

Divisional Series - St Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves - Game Five Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

It is Thanksgiving today, which means the obligatory post about how and the commenters (hopefully) are thankful for baseball and Cardinals-related things. That’s the idea anyway. I won’t lie to you good folks. It is Wednesday night. I’ve had a few. So I can’t give you the best post or the best ideas. But what I can do - I can give you things I’m thankful for in the spirit of the holiday.

I am thankful to root for the St. Louis Cardinals. They have a rich history, richer than just about any team aside from the New York Yankees, they have a winning history, same point, and they have a recent history of winning as well. As much as we can complain about the Cardinals and their front office, most fans would trade places with Cards fans.

I am thankful for Jack Flaherty, the potential best pitcher in baseball. You can remove the potential part for the 2nd half of last season, but seeing as this blog is more of a projection-laden blog than a past-seeing blog, we are more careful with our words. No matter how you see it, I am thankful for Flaherty,

I am thankful for Adam Wainwright, who represents everything great about the St. Louis Cardinals. He will rightfully make the Cardinals Hall of Fame, and I just wish injuries didn’t get in the way of what could have been an even better career.

I am thankful for the Cardinals defense - both in 2019 and going forward - and will likely not see as good of defene as we will see in 2020 in our future. Kolten Wong, Paul DeJong, and Harrison Bader are all Gold Glove worthy fielders and it’s very exciting to watch.

I am thankful for the surplus of Cardinals outfielders, that at the moment is frustratingly underused, but will likely play a strong factor in the future. All of the future outfielder options are also crazy young. It should be an exciting time.

I am thankful for Yadier Molina, who has been an impossibly steady member of the Cardinals since 2004 and will be a member for a few years more in all likelihood, He defues the typical catcher trajectory and will play as much for as long as he wants.

Lastly, I am thankful that the Cardinals looked prime, disappointing offseason or no, for another season that could lead to the playoffs. In the age of tanking and rebuilding, the Cardinals constantly are competing for the playoffs and any tanking team will tell you that is the better option than otherwise.

I covered some of them, but on this Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?