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Play Bingo with us during the NLDS

Print a card or play online.

Many of you have probably played some iteration of Ballpark Bingo at Busch Stadium or elsewhere. What the post presupposes is, what if we all played Bingo together, tailored for the Cardinals in the NLDS?

And so we give you VEB NLDS Bingo. Follow this link to get your own, auto-generated bingo card with events specifically tailored around the Cardinals. You can print your card or play online.

The idea was to keep these events tailored around the Cardinals, and to keep it positive. We could have included things like Bader Swings at Another Slider Off the Plate... but that’s not what we’re about here. There are a few items specific to radio or TV, so if you really want to do your best, I recommend blaring both at full volume, particularly if you have kids and it is their bedtime.

You might also notice that some of the items are a bit vague. What exactly are “Jose Martinez Antics?” Well, like the Supreme Court’s definition of pornography: You’ll know it when you see it. Just keep telling yourself it’s all for fun and no money is changing hands.

When you get a Bingo, take a screenshot or a pic of your printed card and post it, being sure to take VEB on your medium of choice (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Winners will get a shoutout and the thrill of victory.

Have fun.