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More Cardinals Bingo for the NLCS

Let’s keep playing.

It was fun to see how many folks played VEB NLDS Bingo, so if the Cardinals are going to keep playing, it seems like we should too.

Follow this link to generate your unique bingo card:

As before, you can print your card or play online right from your phone. The only thing more satisfying than crossing-off that hard-to-get square is to immediately screenshot it and blast it out to Cardinals Twitter.

When you do, please tag it #VEBingo and include @vivaelbirdos in your post.

You’ll find some of the same squares but plenty of new ones tailored specifically for the NLCS. We had Pete Kozma Infield Fly on the Division Series card, whereas here we have Pete Kozma RBI hit. The legacy of the Wizard of Koz continues to loom large for this franchise.

We’ve again kept the focus on the positive-side for El Birdos, so you won’t find any ‘Carlos gets shelled’ or ‘Carpenter Makes an Error.’ Hopefully you won’t find those in the actual games, either. And yes, some of these come down to a judgment call. What does it mean when the Big Bear Eats? It means The Big Bear Eats.

Have fun.