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Someone get Yadi a beer - A Hunt and Peck

He has put in work.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals Winter Warm-up Caravan was busy this weekend, not only transporting players accross the popular areas of Cardinals fandom, but all news. It was a busy weekend in the Cardinals news cycle. Some players were well dressed, some players responded to a very boring story begun by a very boring person, and some players were asked about the Paul Goldschmidt acquisition. Here we go!

Come for the baseball coverage, stay for the fashion

Some Cardinals were serving looks at the Winter Warmup.

Of course, no one beats Carlos Martinez.

Yadier Molina had time

Kris Bryant played to the crowd and everyone ate it up

I will say, who could possible know more about boring than Mr. White Bread himself?

Yadier Molina did not take too kindly to those remarks:

Neither did Marcell Ozuna, for that matter, commenting on Instagram: “they [the Cubs] talk like tigers, but at the end they gonna be like little cat.”

John Brebbia also has something to say:

Mr. Have-Exactly-One-Beer-And-Call-9-1-1 back-tracked on his comments later, though:

Here is the thing: this is definitely silly and extremely melodramatic, but it is also incredibly funny and entertaining in a time in the offseason that has been devoid of entertainment, particularly Yadi roasting people in the comment section. Last weekend, Yadier Molina had time.

Yadier Molina becomes the Yadfather

Molina wants a beer!

Molina was very happy when the Cardinals traded for Paul Goldschmidt. Times like that call for a celebration:

So those are the major stories. Pretty laid back weekend, right?

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