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FanPost Friday: Which Cardinal are you most excited to watch in 2019?

With new players looking to make an impact and returning guys trying to find their stride, the Cardinals will be an exciting club to watch this season.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

With only six weeks separating us from the start of the Cardinals’ Spring Training schedule, all of our thoughts, ideas, and questions that have grown over the offseason are beginning to surface.

Assuming the Cardinals do not make any other substantial additions this winter (such as landing Bryce Harper or Manny Machado - I wish they would just sign somewhere already.), which player are you most excited to watch this year? Tell us who the player is and why you are the most excited to watch him over any other player in a FanPost. Our favorite posts will be featured on the main site.

Are you ready for Andrew Miller and Paul Goldschmidt to don their new uniforms and see how they adjust in St. Louis? Will Kolten Wong finally get the attention he deserves for his stellar field work up the middle? How high of a bar is there for Harrison Bader - and can he top it? If this is Adam Wainwright’s last season, how do you think he will fare as he faces his divisional foes for the final times?

Those are just a few examples. I won’t limit you to the Majors either; if you are particularly excited about a prospect, you can write about him. I will limit you to one player though, just to keep the ‘challenge’ aspect alive in this project.

Tell us now!