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The Cardinals share Matt Carpenter’s salsa with the St. Louis Blues - A Hunt and Peck

It is a pretty adorable video.

2018 PGA Championship Media Day Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

As you know, I am very much in favor of cross-sport collaboration. In the grand scheme it probably does not matter much, but there is something to be said for the warm, fuzzy feeling one might get inside as a resident of the area seeing one’s favorite players across sports working together. Recently, the Cardinals gave the Blues a true treasure: Matt Carpenter’s Secret Salsa.

As Adam Wainwright says in the video, this humble jar is all they can afford to lose right now as they will need all the salsa they can get in the coming weeks, but it was enough for a sweet moment between the two teams.

Vladimir Tarasenko is already good. Imagine a Vladdy on Secret Salsa. Unstoppable.

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