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A condensed look at Nolan Gorman in Peoria

Let’s visually dive into Gorman’s experience in Peoria. A video by VEB writer, Lance Brozdowski.

Lance Brozdowski

Nolan Gorman was kind enough to let me document some of his thoughts on camera and linger around Dozer Park in Peoria, Illinois, over the past week.

My creation below is an extremely abbreviated look at his last few months.

I found extreme joy in interacting with Gorman and Chiefs Hitting Coach Russ Chambliss (also featured in this video). I hope you find an equal amount of joy watching the video.

Massive thanks to the Peoria Chiefs staff, Gorman, Chambliss and Nathan Baliva, the Chiefs Director of Media & Baseball Operations, for accommodating me multiple times this season.

Written story to come soon.