Cardinals name Mike Shildt Manager (again)


The Cardinals have dropped the "interim" from Mike Shildt's title. Since Shildt took over the Cardinals have gone 26-12, but perhaps more importantly, the weird negative energy around the clubhouse seems to have disappeared (which came first, the winning or the positive vibes, it is tough to tell).

Only forty-five days into his tenure, the timing of the move is a bit of a surprise, but the move itself was fairly expected. The organization appeared to be positioning Shildt for the role ever since he was implanted as the Quality Control Coach for the team in 2017. As Craig Edwards pointed out on Twitter "If they want him as the manager, and aren't going to be swayed by these next four weeks, then four weeks of bad play would make it look worse if they then decided to hire him.".

Overall, a good move for the Cardinals, albeit not super exciting. Though I bet Shildt is happy, so congrats to him!