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Cardinals News and Notes: Prospect Returns, Walk-offs, and a Win over the Rockies

A look back at Wednesday

MLB: Colorado Rockies at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a look back at the stories from Wednesday:

Weighing the Return - Ben Godar acknowledges that we truly do not know how good of a return the Cardinals got for trading outfielders Tommy Pham and Oscar Mercado.

DFR - Austin Ward covered Tuesday’s games, highlighted by a Palm Beach walk off.

Grading of the Trading - Aaron Schafer takes an in-depth look at what the Cardinals did (and did not) do at the trade deadline.

The Big Bear Awakens - Lil_scooter highlights Marcell Ozuna’s first walk-off homer in the Major Leagues that won the game for the Cardinals on Monday.

Out with the old.. - Lance Brozdowski brought his analysis to cover the team’s new prospects.

Wednesday’s game - As You Van Slyke It recapped Wednesday’s 6-3 win over the Rockies.

That covers Wednesday. Check back Thursday for more!