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Cardinals News and Notes: A Busy Weekend Turns to the All-Star Break

Wow. Just wow.

San Diego Padres v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

If you haven’t been following the site this weekend, you need to catch up on all the recent stories of Cardinals news from Viva El Birdos:

Following Saturday’s defeat, the Cardinals announced manager Mike Matheny and coaches John Mabry and Bill Mueller had been dismissed of their positions.

Mike Matheny, John Mabry, Bill Mueller dismissed

More coverage:

A farewell to #mathenaging


The Podcast is back! - Tyler Kinzy, Heather Simon, and I recorded the site’s first show in quite some time early in the previous week. Though the material is a bit dated due to some soon-to-be-mention-(though you already know what they are, probably) changes in the team, we would appreciate if you tuned in and planned to do so as we get it off and running.

Cleaning house - to trade or not to trade Matt Carpenter? - John LaRue discusses if St. Louis should trade Carpenter, who he labels as ‘the best Cardinal in the post-Albert Pujols era.’

DFR - Austin Ward had the coverage of Thursday’s farm games.

Happy belated Birthday! - Yadier Molina celebrated his 36th birthday on Friday, July 13th! Lil_scooter had the details - as well as the daily notes and links.

Series Preview - I took a look at how the Reds-Cardinals series was lined up.

Saturday Struggles - After rain came pain for the Cardinals, who suffered an 8-2 loss in Saturday’s game, one haunted by two rain delays. VanHicklestein brought the coverage.

WFR - Tanner Puckett summarized another week of farm play. This addition highlighted Ramon Urias of Springfield.

System Sundays - Aaron Schafer focused on the whole state of the team in his latest story.

FINALLY - The Cardinals beat the Reds in Sunday’s series finale by a 6-4 score. Stlcardsfan 4 covered the contest.