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Draft Day Two Open Thread

Discussion and potential overreactions regarding rounds 3-10 of the draft go here.

Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals
Jordan Hicks, second-day draftee.
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The first two rounds of the draft are in the book, and the Cardinals, overall, did very well for themselves, I believe. Of course, feeling that way right now isn’t much good to anyone; what will matter is how I and everyone else feels three years from now.

Day two of the draft will get rolling at 11:30 Central, and rounds 3-10 will be streamed live via I don’t know who will be working the stream; usually it’s Jonathan Mayo and a broadcaster whose name escapes me at the moment (Apologies to that guy.)

Here’s a quick list of players still on the board I’m very high on; this doesn’t necessarily represent like a ‘best players remaining’ list, but is more of a ‘watch these names because I like them’ list.

  • Blaine Knight, RHP, Arkansas
  • Mike Siani, OF, Pennsylvania HS
  • Nander De Sedas, SS, Florida HS
  • Aaron Hernandez (no, not that one), RHP, Texas A&M Corpus Christi
  • Garrett Wade, LHP, Alabama HS
  • Jaden Hill, RHP, Arkansas HS
  • Aaron Ashby, LHP, Crowder College
  • Ben Harris, LHP, Georgia HS
  • Bren Spillane, 1B, Illinois
  • Nick Sandlin, RHP, Southern Mississippi
  • Blaze Alexander, SS, Florida HS
  • Richard Palacios, SS, Towson
  • Austin Bergner, RHP, UNC
  • Adam Wolf, LHP, Louisville
  • Andrew Moritz, OF, UNC Greensboro
  • Michael Plassmeyer, LHP, Mizzou
  • Nick Meyer, C, Cal Poly

Most of those players I’ve written up at one point or another, though not all of them. Here’s the roundup of all my draft reports this spring, in case you want to follow along or just check on players.

I won’t be around much this afternoon, unfortunately; I’ll try to get some writeups done this evening, but it may have to wait for tomorrow morning. Everybody enjoy day two of the draft.