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St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies - A game thread for June 20, 2018

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Game 73 of 162: Michael Wacha versus Jake Arrieta

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals square off against the Phillies for game three of this three-game series this afternoon at 12:05 pm. Here are the lineups:

Cardinals Phillies
Matt Carpenter 5 César Hernández 4
Tommy Pham 8 Rhys Hoskins 7
José Martínez 3 Odubel Herrera 8
Marcell Ozuna 7 Carlos Santana 3
Yadier Molina 2 Scott Kingery 6
Dexter Fowler 9 Nick Williams 9
Greg Garcia 6 Maikel Franco 5
Kolten Wong 4 Jorge Alfaro 2

Michael Wacha

1 Jake Arrieta 1

Cardinals record against the Phillies in 2018: 3-3
Cardinals record in the series: 1-1
Cardinals place in the NL Central: 3rd
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