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Game 55 Recap: visiting team beats home team

Team outscored by other team.

Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

It was another night in the world of sports. The baseball team you follow (I assume) played another team.

Both teams used starting pitchers with unusual last names. One of them was a big tall guy who was a high draft pick, and who was pretty good last year but had a fluky ERA-FIP thing happening and so far this year has had the same thing happening. The other has a mustache. Both of them seem like they’re basically good. It was a low-key good pitching matchup.

They were pretty similar tonight in a lot of ways — pretty efficient, limited walks, stuff like that — but the tall one did better. He struck out six guys in eight innings, versus two guys in six innings for the mustache guy. They each walked one guy, but the strikeouts tell the story: tall guy gave up fewer balls in play than mustache guy, and when the ball’s in play it’ll be a hit sometimes. When the ball’s in play all night, there’ll be some runs. Which team scored the runs and which didn’t can be accurately guessed, in this case, from those strikeout numbers. Too bad for mustache guy’s team; it’s not that he was bad, but he wasn’t good, and the other guy was.

What else... the team that won hit what felt like an unusual number of triples. The team that lost had an error but actually looked sharp defensively otherwise, for the most part. Their second and third basemen had a couple of nice plays each. Another tall pitcher with another unusual last name pitched when mustache guy came out, and nobody understood why the plan was for him to throw like 30 pitches with his team already losing, but what’s new. There was some confusion about whether a fun young player’s slide breaking up a double play was legal or not, and the umps eventually went with “not.” That same guy made a catch that was pretty good, later.

Tomorrow the teams play again. The game will start in early afternoon; if you live in the Central time zone, when the sun is right overhead, start looking for baseball coverage on TV. That’s my plan personally.

If you live somewhere else, I mean, just go look it up. There are a million places to find every little piece of detail you could ever want about all these games. What do you want from me?