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Contest: VEB Perfect Game Challenge

A mere nine innings separate you from eternal internet glory.

Although the Cardinals have never been involved in a perfect game, Shelby Miller retired 27 straight Rockies batters after allowing a leadoff single to Eric Young Jr. on May 10, 2013. A certain VEB writer of note was also in attendance that night.
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

In case you have been locked in a room without any access to a calendar, June is officially upon us. With the new month now in order, I thought it would be an opportune time for me to begin a new monthly series...that could evolve into a fortnightly installment...or dissipate and forever vanish from the confines of the interwebs after this post.

I may rotate between different contests or perpetually tinker until one sticks by popular demand. Truth be told, I have no clue what the future of potential reader contests holds. What I can assure you are the details of this month’s inaugural contest.

The object is to select nine innings thrown by Cardinals pitchers in June that combine for a perfect game or no-hitter. For example, the following submission for May would have resulted in a valid no-hitter:

1st inning: May 29th (Michael Wacha)

2nd inning: May 21st (Miles Mikolas)

3rd inning: May 4th (Miles Mikolas)

4th inning: May 30th (Alex Reyes)

5th inning: May 15th (Jack Flaherty)

6th inning: May 31st (Tyler Lyons and John Brebbia)

7th inning: May 27th (Sam Tuivailala)

8th inning: May 29th (Jordan Hicks)

9th inning: May 1st (Bud Norris)

You may choose the same date for as many innings as you wish. If June 15th is your birthday and you think the Cardinals will toss a perfect game against the Cubs, feel free to guess June 15th for all nine innings. You will not be predicting who pitches each specific inning, but I included the names in parenthesis to show that the same pitcher may log multiple innings for your entry and that multiple pitchers may be used in a single inning without any penalty.

When filling out the form, please enter your guesses in the Month/Day/Year format (e.g. 06/03/2018 for June 3rd). On desktop you may also hover your cursor over the response box and an arrow should appear. Click on the arrow and a dropdown calendar will emerge for you to select a date.

A few technical rules:

  • If nobody successfully records a perfect game or no-hitter, the “winner” of the contest will be whoever’s innings combine for the fewest total number of hits, walks, and hit batsmen.
  • If an inning you guessed does not occur (i.e. the game was postponed, called early, you chose the ninth inning of a road loss, etc.), your selection will automatically be changed to the previous game in which that inning was recorded.
  • In the event of a doubleheader, results will only be tabulated for the game originally scheduled for that date.
  • I am not entirely sure when the form will close and I will stop accepting entries, but submissions on the morning of June 2nd, for example, are not allowed to guess June 1st for any innings.

St. Louis is slated to have three off-days this month: the 4th, 14th, and 28th. Here is the full schedule for June in picture form, with home games in the red boxes and road games in white.

If the form below does not appear on your screen, you can still access it by clicking here.

Good luck!