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Yadi’s Bruised Berry Cocktail

Let’s toast the Cardinals legend while he recovers from The Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened.

Yadi’s Bruised Berry Cocktail

After watching Yadier Molina’s horrific injury on Sunday, and then hearing about the surgery that it required, I felt like I could use a drink. So in my other career as an amateur mixologist, I decided to see if I couldn’t create a drink in honor of Yadi’s sacrifice.

Here’s what I came up with:

Yadi’s Bruised Berry Cocktail


2 Cherries

3 tsp Simple syrup

12 lime, quartered

2 oz. light Puerto Rican rum

Step One:

Drop two cherries into a pint glass or cocktail shaker.

Step Two:

Smash those cherries with a muddler. Really apply some blunt force trauma and do some damage. If you don’t have a muddler, a wooden spoon or a Kris Bryant replica mini-bat will also work.

Step Three:

Add the half lime, cut into quarters, and the simple syrup. Muddle again until all the fruit is just pulverized.

Step Four:

Add two ounces of Puerto Rican white rum. It must be Puerto Rican.

Step Five:

Fill the glass nearly full with ice cubes.

Step Six:

Shake it. Shake it hard.

Step Seven:

Pour the whole drink out into a rocks glass. It will be a lovely shade of Cardinal red. Or hematoma red. The point is, it will be red.

And there you have it, Yadi’s Bruised Berry Cocktail. It’s basically a caipirinha with cherries, using Puerto Rican rum.


What kind of cherries should I use?

Fresh or frozen cherries are best. The fuller and juicier they are before you smash them, the better. I did try this with a canned cherry. If that’s all you’ve got, give it a shot, but be aware that cherries canned in any kind of syrup will add more sweetness, so maybe cut back the sugar.

What is a simple syrup?

What are you, 26? Learn how to make simple syrup.

Can I make a non-alcoholic version of this?

Why on earth would you do that?

How boozy is this?

A lot boozy. But you could always add a little water to mellow it out.