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Game 48 Recap: Baseball is a bad pastime

They lost.

St Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Cardinals lost to the Pirates 8-1 tonight. John Gant — presumably in his last turn in the rotation, given the imminent return of Alex Reyes — pitched pretty well, but not as well as former Astro Joe (Joe? I’m 95% sure it’s Joe) Musgrove. Musgrove came over to Pittsburgh in the Gerrit Cole trade, and has mostly been hurt since. Tonight he was either very good, or the Cardinals hitters were very bad, and which of those is the case is mostly a matter of indifference to me.

This was a boring baseball game if you were rooting for the Cardinals; if you were rooting for the Pirates, great, good for you. Being the kind of baseball fan who watches all of every game means you’re going to watch one of these games I don’t know, 30 times a year. If you invest them with great significance, that seems like a recipe for a lot of bad moods. That’s why I try not to invest them with much significance. In furtherance of that effort: this has been your recap. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

[Oh, postscript: Greg Holland pitched again, and allowed two runs. Again. At this point, honestly, I mostly feel bad for the guy. Good night, friends.]