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Cardinals Finally Overcome Twins 7-5

Welcome back, Lance Lynn

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Minnesota Twins Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

How could we possibly enjoy a Lance Lynn reunion without the game feeling like it was 785 hours long? Ah, memories.

oh yeah, that’s the stuff

Lynn would face off against the perplexingly effective Miles Mikolas, no particularly fast-paced pitcher himself (23.5 s pace for his career).

Tommy Pham started the game off right with a single, and would be driven in (along with Jose Martinez) by the still-struggling Dexter Fowler. Cardinals up 2-0.

Speaking of struggling, the Twins would get a run back in the bottom of the first with a single by Max Kepler (0.472 OPS over the past 15 game, 1 for his last 23, yikes).

Jose Martinez, who has cooled as the weather has heated up but managed to fly under the radar due to the weak performances of other Cardinals players this spring, would add another run in the 2nd with a single to right field.

Oh, but then Joe Mauer decides to take that run right back by lining one sharply to Fowler in right.

Once that flurry of runs passed, the next couple innings passed relatively uneventfully, if very very slowly - Fowler was caught stealing, Greg Garcia bunted for an out. Lynn was pulled after 3 innings. Below is my impression of how he felt about it:

“I am constantly in low level angst”

Paul Dejong gave the Cardinals an extra run in the 5th with a double. Dejong is sitting at an .817 OPS so far this year, but is already at 67% of his walk total for the entirety of 2017. A Paul Dejong with both power and plate discipline could be a very interesting creature.

Logan Morrison’s solo home run in the 6th would pull the Twins within a run again, but after that the Cardinals started to pull away. Two runs scored in the 7th off the bats of Jedd Gyorko and Matt Carpenter, and Tommy Pham would homer in the 8th. Morrison got one back with a single in the bottom of the 8th, and Bud Norris threw away a run, literally, on a wild pitch, but when the dust settled, the Cards were still on top 7-5. Bud Norris stayed in for the 9th, but considering that the Cards used 6 pitchers, not terribly surprising. He would ultimately induce a 1-2-3 inning.


You think you’re too good to swing at those, Eduardo Escobar?

juuuuuust a bit high

Dexter Fowler had a pretty good day, going 2 for 3 with 2 BBs.

Mike Matheny pulled Miles Mikolas at the appropriate time after 4.2 IP and 85 pitches. This shouldn’t be worth mentioning, know.

Greg Holland continues to disappoint with 2 ER over 0.2 IP.

A four game series against the Phillies at Busch starts tomorrow.