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Cardinals News & Notes: An Exclusive Dexter Fowler Shirt; Looking back at Stories from the Weekend

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Last week on Twitter, Cardinals outfielder Dexter Fowler gave himself quite the pep talk.

Fowler did, in fact, get a hit. So, Viva El Birdos has teamed up with Breaking T to create a Fowler ‘I will get a hit’ t-shirt.

You can see more shirt details and purchase your own here!


Now, here’s a look back at the stories from a busy weekend at Viva El Birdos:

VEB Fantasy League: Meet the Contestants and Draft Results - Tyler Kinzy began our site fantasy coverage with a look at the team managers and draft results. We hope you’ll follow us along!

Ranking Yadier Molina among baseball’s current franchise players - In his final analysis piece for the site, John Fleming took a look at where Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina sits among the other teams’ franchise players.

On caring for one another - A Hunt and Peck - Lil_scooter reminds everyone that they are welcome at VEB and more importantly - we all need to be nice to one another.

Daily Farm Report: Checking out (Minor League) Opening Day!

Hello, and goodbye - John Fleming publicly announced that he has said goodbye to VEB. I’m sure I speak for most everyone when I say I’ll miss his work. Best to you, John!

Let’s build an optimal Paul DeJong - Andy Schrag did a report on Paul DeJong to see what tweaks could be made to make him the best he could be.

The Win of Winters 4.7.18 - VanHicklestein recapped Saturday’s win over the Diamondbacks.

Equilibrium, BaseRuns, and the Misperceptions of 2011-2015 - In his site debut, John LaRue wrote of the team’s baserunning. Welcome, John! We’re glad to have you.

System Sundays: The Memphis Trade Bait Report - Aaron Schafer notes that the successes of many Redbirds makes them exposed to trade talks.

Second inning fight overshadows great Luke Weaver start in 4-1 loss to DBacks - Stlcardsfan4 covered Sunday’s wild loss to Arizona.

There’s what went up over the weekend. Check back the rest of the week for more Cardinals coverage!