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Cards Win Big; Down Mets 9-1

Cardinals capitalize on strong pitching and a sloppy Mets performance

MLB: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals
it’s sweat, it’s rain, it’s swrain
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Meet the Mets; step right up and beat the Mets! After a disappointing first series against the Mets, as well as a game last night that we just will not mention for everyone’s sake, the Cardinals were in need of a good win.

The Cardinals get a second early season match-up against Steven Matz, who was last in action against the Cardinals on Easter in their only win during the season-opening series.

A wild third and fourth inning powered the Cardinals offensive surge. The Cardinals would put 3 up in the 3rd on a combination of singles, errors, and sac flies. One nice thing to see: Marcell Ozuna broke a 1 for 28 dry streak with an RBI single. The Cardinals would improve upon their solid third inning with an even better, but somewhat parallel fourth inning:

Third inning: Kolten Wong singles, fourth inning: Kolten Wong singles.

Third inning: Michael Wacha attempts a sacrifice bunt, reaches on an error. Fourth inning: Michael Wacha attempts a sacrifice bunt, everybody is safe on an error.

Third inning: Harrison Bader walks, fourth inning: Harrison Bader is hit by a pitch.

Third inning: Dexter Fowler scores Wong (sac fly). Fourth inning: Fowler scores Wong (walk).

Both innings would both end with Yadier Molina making the final out.

In between the third and fourth inning, Tommy Pham was mysteriously removed from the game with an “accidental head laceration”, which sounds very euphemistic, like “flu-like symptoms”, but apparently was an actual injury sustained in an indoor batting cage. Whatever the case, he disappeared from the dugout.

In the 5th inning, the Cardinals would tack two more on with a single by Paul DeJong followed by a home run by Jedd Gyorko. This was home run #100 for Jedd Gyorko! Jedd’s gonna celebrate with some 50 cent drinks at On the Run.

Jedd Gyorko delicious drinks
Time to drink your fill

Additional notes:

Wong’s defense looks stellar, as it has the past few games. Definitely a couple highlight reel plays tonight.

John Brebbia came out to finish up the came in an extended relief appearance, giving up just two hits and walking none across three innings.

The 9 runs came on only 7 hits - the Cardinals were just able to capitalize on errors at key times.

Yadier Molina is so thirsty to play that even with the Cardinals up 8 runs, he stays in the game...but at first base....where he almost immediately makes an error.

Tyler O’Neill reached base for the first time by being hit by a pitch in the 8th inning. I’m sure his density is actually attracting objects to him at a startling rate.

Despite Matz coming out after only 3.1 innings, both the Mets and Cardinals only used a total of 2 pitchers.

Final line for Michael Wacha: 6.0 IP, 5 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 8 K. /nods approvingly

The WOOOOO guys are a pox on this game and should be beaten repeatedly with Nerf bats.


Cardinals finish up this Mets series with a day game - 12:15 tomorrow at Busch.