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Cardinals news and notes: Bullpen, Fowler, and the Mets

Fa-fa-fa-Fowler and the Mets

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at New York Mets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s some Viva El Birdos stuff from the last few days.

  • A favorite topic regarding the St. Louis Cardinals is MM’s handling of the bullpen but now...there’s another MM? I’m officially labeling Mikes Matheny and Maddux “M&M” and trademarking this term. Gonna be rich, y’all. Anyway, Tyler Kinzy looked at the bullpen usage in the first game of the season.
  • Wanna write for VEB? Well, I’m presently writing for VEB, so my answer is no. Well, I guess it’s yes, but...look, whatever, if you want to apply to write for the site, go here.
  • The little scooter has opinions on Dexter Fowler’s next walk-up song. Those who have seen me man the VEB Twitter account know that my stance is in favor of George Michael because I find the line “I Want Your Dex” amusing for reasons I cannot justify. I stand by this.
  • The Cardinals played some base ball matches against the Ny Mets over the weekend. The hometown squadron lost on Saturday, as recapped by stlcardsfan4, and they won on Sunday, a game recapped by Josey Curtis and VanHickelstein because, well, the first win deserves lots of exposure.

A second of three opening days for the Cardinals comes this afternoon against the Milwaukee Brewers.