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The Cardinals will honor Bob Gibson in 2018 - A Hunt and Peck

In 1968 he made history. In 2018 we still remember.

79th MLB All-Star Game Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

As baseball fans, in our lifetimes - if we are lucky - we will most likely witness one once-in-a-generation talent on our favorite teams... Maybe two, if we are really lucky. I am not talking about your regular good player - not even your standard Hall of Famer. I am talking about the player that stuck his foot in the sand and even after the tide rises and the waves crash against it, there it stays. I am talking about your legends, your Babe Ruths, your Cy Youngs. Players that changed the game, that are synonymous with it. Some so good, they changed the rules because of them.

Those that witnessed Bob Gibson’s 1968 season know exactly what I mean.

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Gibson’s legendary season where he set the record for the lowest earned run average in modern baseball history (post deadball era, I assume): 1.12. It is one of the first stats, if not the first, Cardinals fans memorize. In that season he went 22-9 and pitched over 300 innings, good for 8.2 fWAR, which was not even his best season according to that metric. He pitched 28 complete games with 13 shutouts and stuck out over 23% of the hitters he faced with a .181 average against.

In 1968, Bob Gibson was nearly unhittable. In 2018 we remember that. Throughout the season, the Cardinals will be raising money in Gibson’s name through through Cardinals Care to help fund Compositions for L.I.F.E “ an education program of L.I.F.E. Arts Inc. that develops the leaders of today, where they live, using the arts with a specific focus on urban youth”. For more information, click here.

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