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The coldest game ever played - An evening of non-Cardinals sports open thread

Monday’s game is canceled, but there are still others to watch.

St. Louis Cardinals v Colorado Rockies Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Cardinals Monday night game against the Cubs has been postponed. It has been rescheduled to be part of a doubleheader on July 21. Adam Wainwright was scheduled to take the mound against Tyler Chatwood and on Tuesday the original docket had Michael Wacha against Jon Lester. It appears now with the postponement the Cardinals will stay with Wainwright against Chatwood for Tuesday night and move back Wacha’s start to put Luke Weaver against Lester on Wednesday.

The reason the game was postponed was the forecast in Chicago calling for snow. The temperature is expected to be below freezing at 28 degrees Fahrenheit. That is no weather for a baseball game. And yet...

The coldest game in MLB history was not that long ago. It happened on April 23, 2013, nearly five years ago exactly. This year games have been played with temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but nothing so far has bested that day when the temperature was a brisk 23 degrees. Playing on that day was less than ideal, but with three postponements on the schedule already, the Rockies grounds crew got to work clearing away snow off the field and from the stands. Fortunately, the game finished in 2 hours and 37 minutes. Unfortunately, it was the first game of a doubleheader.

While the Cardinals will be unable to play, there are still plenty of games slated for this evening, if one is in to that sort of thing. It seems pretty unlikely the Blue Jays and Royals will play tonight due to the Rogers Centre having a giant hole in the roof, but who knows. ESPN will broadcast the Chicago White Sox at the Oakland Athletics Monday evening at 9:05 pm. There are also some NBA Playoff games and NHL Playoff games if those are more one’s scene. Feel free to use this as your any game Game Thread. Let the sports begin!

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