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Cardinals News & Notes: Norris v. Holland, Versatility, DFR, Reds

Yesterday was another day of Cardinals stuff on this website we have. The stuff was as follows.

St Louis Cardinals  v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Baseball! It is good. It is especially good when playing bad teams where you can kinda just roll out there and they give you the game one way or another. Here’s yesterday:

  • stlcardsfan4 asked if Bud Norris is actually better than Greg Holland
  • Tanner Puckett’s inaugural post was about Matheny’s use (overuse?) of defensive versatility
  • Andrew St. John provided the Daily Farm Report
  • The Cards’ series with the Reds began, which means it was both previewed and the first game was recapped

Have a great day. Don’t forget to watch Luke Weaver tonight. Now get out of here and go watch some Shohei Ohtani highlights.