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Cardinals News and Notes: Wainwright, Fanposts, Molina Suspended, Diamondbacks, Farm Report

Getting you caught up on yesterday’s VEB happenings

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Here is what went down yesterday at Viva El Birdos:

On a more serious note, I completely agree with everything Heather said about fanposts. They are a great opportunity to get exposure and hone your skills as a writer. If not for me giving fanposting a try, I wouldn’t be sitting here as a member of the VEB staff. Need proof that anybody can and will improve with practice? Exactly 14 months ago, I published an objectively terrible fanpost that Andy Schrag called “a pretty unilluminating piece of analysis, unfortunately.”

UPDATE: Did I say “likely no punishment” because I totally meant just “Punishment likely”... Likely no punishment for Yadier Molina after Sunday’s fracas - A Hunt and Peck: Both Molina and Diamondbacks manager Torey Luvollo were suspended for their roles in Sunday’s skirmish. Molina is appealing his suspension and played last night.

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