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Sunday Holiday Open Thread

Baseball on Easter is fun, maybe just because we don’t get it all that often.

Hey there, everybody; hope you’re well this morning. Better than our team, anyhow; the Cardinals are not looking so hot two games in to the 2018 campaign. I’m thinking we should just shut it down and try it again next year. This clearly just isn’t going to work.

But anyhow, today is a Sunday, and a holiday, and there will be a game. So here’s hoping for a better outcome. Escaping New York with one of three sounds pretty fine now.

I’m not going to throw up much of a column today, what with traffic always being hit or miss on holidays. Rather, I’ll just wish everyone a happy Easter, or a happy Passover, or just a happy Sunday if you prefer, and leave this thread here for anyone who wishes to pop in and hang out for awhile today.

I’ll actually be back bright and early tomorrow morning; beginning this week I’ll be contributing three days a week instead of two as we move into a new era for VEB. Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday I will be with you now. Hopefully you won’t get tired of me, and hopefully I won’t run out of things to say.

Anyway, have a nice holiday everyone, and let’s all hope really, really hard — like clapping for Tinkerbell to come back to life hard — that we don’t have to watch another clunker of a game this afternoon.

Also, apologies for the lack of a proper photo at the top of this post; something appears to be going on with the image portion of the editor. I’ll try to edit it later on, but no guarantees.