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2018 Cardinals Spring Training Guide

An incredibly detailed report on how to keep up with every game this exhibition season

Gatorade All-Star Workout Day Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Pitchers and catchers must report by February 13 and will work out the following day, on Valentine’s Day; position players need to be in camp by February 18, and the full squad will hold their first formal workout of the year on the next day.

Then, just a few days after full workouts begin, the Cardinals will play their first game of the spring season. If you’re anxious to get a look at what the squad will look like in 2018, we invite you bookmark this story and use the information to maximize your spring viewing and listening. I’ll do my best to make changes as any additional broadcast information is announced or changed.

Cardinals Spring Training Broadcast information

Friday, February 23 against the Marlins is the first game of the slate for the Cardinals. The Spring Training opener, as well as the 2/24 contest at the Mets’ facility and the 2/25 game with the Astros that the Cardinals will host, will be aired on Fox Sports Midwest and the entire Cardinals Radio Network. These three games are scheduled to begin around 12:00 PM Central time; KMOX 1120 and the rest of the network stations will be streaming from the booth by 11:55 AM.

The Monday 2/26, Tuesday 2/27, and Wednesday 2/28 games, all on the road against the Twins, Orioles, and Red Sox, respectively, will not be aired on FSMW or any of the CRN stations. Instead, you may follow these games on or through the At Bat app. Tune in to these games around 12:00 PM.

To kick off the month on a positive note, the first two games in March will be aired on television. The March 1 games versus the Twins will be shown on FSMW and the March 2 game versus the Red Sox will take over Fox Sports Midwest Plus. After the Saturday, 3/3, game against the Braves (which will be only be streamed on the CRN.. the 3/1 and 3/2 games can be found here, also), FSMW will pick up its coverage by airing four games between Sunday, 3/4 and the eleventh. FSMW+ will air the 3/10 game. The three games that will not be aired on FSMW are 3/6-8, when the Cardinals face the Marlins, Nationals, and the Marlins again. You can take in the 3/6 and 7 games on the CRN, and the 3/8 game on or through the At Bat app. All of these games will start around 12:00 PM, except Friday, 3/9: that game has a 5:05 PM start time.

After an off day on Monday, 3/12, the Cardinals will take on the Marlins on Tuesday, Astros on Wednesday, and Orioles on Thursday. You can catch the Tuesday and Thursday games on the CRN and the Wednesday game on or through the At Bat app. Friday, 3/16, is a split-squad, and FSMW will carry the home game with (Take a guess!) the Marlins as well as Saturday and Sunday’s games. All of the games in this week will start around 12:00.

Another off day on Monday, 3/19, leads us to the final full week of spring games. The games on 3/20 and 3/22 will be on the CRN, while 3/21 and 3/23 can be followed on or through the At Bat app. Saturday, 3/24, and Sunday will be aired on FSMW and the CRN. These are the final exhibition games the Cardinals will play in Florida.

The Cardinals and Blue Jays will play two games at Olympic Stadium in Montreal on Monday, 3/26, and Tuesday. Broadcast information for these games has not been publicly announced.

For tickets and additional information on how to catch the Cardinals in Florida, visit Information on the Cardinals-Blue Jays series in Montreal can be found here.

There you have it - information on all 32 exhibition games the Cardinals are scheduled to play this spring. Opening Day is Thursday, March 29, in New York against the Mets.

We’re getting close, folks.