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Cardinals News and Notes: PECOTA projections, conspiracy theories, the MLB Draft, and prospects

The Cold Stove remains cold

MLB: SEP 25 Cubs at Cardinals Photo by Jimmy Simmons/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Everybody’s getting frustrated with the lack of action this offseason. That hasn’t stopped us at VEB from writing about the important stuff, like this conspiracy theory...

  • So there were some eagles in the sky or something according to some Cardinals players, although Tommy Pham is skeptical and demands proof. Lil Scooter has more.
  • Last season, the Cardinals didn’t have a pick until the third round. This season, they will pick earlier and have a bunch of picks in the first few rounds. Here is A.E. Schafer’s latest draft report.
  • Speaking of last year’s draft, Scott Hurst was the Cardinals first pick last year, albeit not until the third round. Here is his prospect ranking profile.
  • Did you miss the podcast? You might have missed the podcast. It’s right here. Stop missing it.

The PECOTA projections over at BP are out. The Cardinals are projected to win 84 games, which seems pretty close to what might happen.