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Cardinals News and Notes: Surprises of spring, building a rotation, and some really funny Valentines

MLB: Spring Training-Minnesota Twins at St. Louis Cardinals Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So baseball stuff is happening. Cardinals players are arriving in Florida and doing baseball-related activities. This won’t stop until at least the beginning of October. Strap in.

  • Did you miss the podcast? You might’ve missed the podcast. There are opinions on Yu Darvish and Bud Norris. Listen here.
  • The Cardinals assembled a bunch of guys in the bullpen without spending a fortune. Will the same plan work in the rotation? Ben Godar explores.
  • A.E. Schafer, as he does every year, discusses the players he thinks will break out this spring. Click on the link to find out who, or at least hover over the link to see the hyperlink. Then click on the link for the reasoning. Venture to the comments to see who everyone else picked.
  • These Valentines that lil_scooter created are awesome and funny. As always, there is also a bunch of links in there to important stuff worth reading.
  • Dylan Carlson has a chance to take a big step forward this year. Find out why.

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