A Carson Kelly Trade

Carson Kelly could be the catcher of the future. That is very true, but unfortunately for him he must wait on Molina to finally take a step back...3 years from now. This doesn’t seem like a very good timeline for a young player who should be playing most days. With the rise of prospects like Knizner it seems like a good time to maximize his value. I know people don’t usually want to bet on pitching prospects but we’re headed towards that right now whether we like it or not. (Just so you know I like it) So I say we add one more. Now I know straight prospect swaps are rare but it could be mutually benifitial for both teams involved. I propose sending Carson Kelly (#32 on top 100) to the Braves for Kolby Allard (#22 on top 100). It would be trading the top LHP prospect for the debatable top catching prospect. The Braves are currently in a risky time share at catcher between Tyler Flowers and Kurt Suzuki. Both of whom aren’t under contract next year. This would give them very valuable depth behind the oft injured yet productive tandem. Now I understand that it may seem foolish to give up a prospect like Allard for a catcher but with the depth of pitching in their farm system they may not feel the hurt as much as they will with their catching in the future. I could see maybe having to add in a pitching prospect to soften the blow a little bit so I would add in Austin Gomber or John Gant. Both of which are able to slot in to their rotation immediately. So what do you all think? Yes? No? Maybe? I’m just imagining a 2019 rotation of:


2. Reyes

3. Allard

4. Weaver

5. Flaherty

Backup: Hudson, Mikolas, Wacha

I also know that young pitchers have a tendency to not work out but you can let me have my dreams!