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Cardinals News & Notes: Bud Norris signing, Yu Darvish, MLB Network

Monday’s stories

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a look back at Monday’s stories:

How the Yu Darvish signing impacts the Cardinals’ playoff chances - With Darvish heading to the North Side, John Fleming studies what the move does to the Cardinals’ playoff odds - as they are impacted by both - having to face Darvish and also not signing Darvish.

Cardinals sign reliever Bud Norris - Craig Edwards tells us about St. Louis’s latest signing, this one of RHP Bud Norris. It is a fair deal for the club, with its rather low cost and the fact that a team can never have too much stock in the pitching department.

Six Cardinals ranked in MLB Network’s ‘Top 10 Right Now’ Series - Marcell Ozuna, Tommy Pham, Dexter Fowler, Matt Carpenter, Paul DeJong, and Yadier Molina were featured in MLB Network’s offseason series.

In honor of Bud Norris signing, here are some Cardinals “respecting the game” - A Hunt and Peck - Lil_scooter gaves us some footage of Cardinals respecting the game, following the Bud Norris signing. Check it out.

That does it for Monday. Check back Tuesday for more.