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Cardinals news and notes: Hall of Fame, Gomber, and Yu Darvish

The latest from VEB.

Brewers v Cardinals Photo By: Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Today is February 12, which is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. The picture for this post is Mike Lincoln, a reliever from the 2004 St. Louis Cardinals who remains the only “Lincoln” in franchise history. The next season, the Cardinals employed Abraham Nunez, the only Abraham in franchise history. Anyway, the Cardinals have averaged 102.5 wins per season when employing an Abraham or Lincoln. There’s a fun fact to tell all your coworkers or classmates today and be the coolest person around. Anyway, here’s some VEB stuff from the weekend.

  • Tyler Kinzy looked at the Cardinals Hall of Fame ballot. Because I’m a lazy writer who devotes a lot of words to nostalgia trips I’ll probably eventually do a version of this. But this one is actually good so you’re better off just reading this one.
  • Here is Aaron Schafer’s breakdown of his #16 Cardinals prospect, Austin Gomber.
  • On Saturday, the Chicago Cubs signed free agent pitcher Yu Darvish, and Aaron Schafer wrote about how they’re stupid jerks and how it just got harder for the Cardinals to win the NL Central in 2018.

And if you like Yu Darvish-related #content, stay tuned in a couple hours when an extremely handsome VEB writer provides more of it.