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FanPost Friday: Let’s Reflect on the 2018 Cardinals

As the final days of 2018 pass by, we want to take a minute to remember the past year.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals packed a whirlwind of stories inside the 2018 calendar. Plenty of ups with enough downs, and so many smiles to scratch out those inevitable frowns. With the last weekend of the year upon us and several weeks removed from the season finale, now seems like a fine time to digest all of the baseball we saw throughout those lovely summer days.

Before you hear from us here at Viva El Birdos, we would love to see what you thought about the 2018 ‘birds. You come here to read our stories, but right now, we want to read yours. Personally, I really enjoy hearing others’ perspectives, especially when the person and I share a similar passion for the subject.

Using the FanPost section here on the site, I invite you to write a story; it can be text-message length or a winding essay - whatever you are feeling! Don’t fret over your grammar or spelling; we aren’t here to critique you.

Tell us how you will remember the 2018 Cardinals. What single aspect stood out to you most about the team? Which players brought you the most surprise, either positive or negative? Did you see the mid-season coaching flips coming - and how much of an impact did they have on the second-half success?

We are ready to see the FanPosts roll in. Enjoy your final weekend of the year!

Get started here!