Dream Offseason

Hello fellow cardinal fans,

I am a long time lurker and first time poster. I thought I would share my own dream cardinal offseason. Please comment with any opinions you have about it!

Before I get started I wanted to put a disclaimer that I am not the best with estimating salaries so I use those of others.

I am going to start with a list of players that I hope the cardinals avoid at all costs:

  1. Craig Kimbrel- he will be very expensive and his 2nd half of the season was concerning.
  2. Patrick Corbin- again very concerning and only one season where he was very good
  3. Jose Iglesias (or any glove first short stop expected to start)- Dejong is a good fielder at short and there is no need to weaken our offense when we already have a glove first second baseman and center fielder

Now players I would have to be strongly talked into:

  1. Andrew Miller- Big name but he seems broken down at this point. If you can convince me he is healthy and non expensive I could be in.
  2. Mike Moustakes- He seems to always fall off in the second half of the season. Not really better than Gyorko. Maybe if Gyorko platoons third and second it could work.
  3. Michael Brantley- Do I think he better than fowler and O’neil? Yes, but how much better. I am not convinced it would be enough of an upgrade for the cost. For me RF is Harper or keep what we got.

Now for what I would do:

  1. SIGN HARPER- I am down to outbid anybody and everybody for this guy, but I would like to keep it under $400 million and no more than 10 years. I would also like to have only partial no trade clause with op outs after years 4, 5, and 6. I am going with the projection of 10 years for $35.
  2. Trade Jose Martinez- I like Jose but he does not fit on this team with or without harper. Only being able to a bad right field really limits our roster flexibility. I would look to send him to the twins or rays. I would of said Seattle but they seem ready to rebuild. I would look to acquire relief pitchers with options who are preferably left handed.
  3. Trade Michael Wacha- This one seems might seem odd but you’ll see the reasoning later. Wacha is a good pitcher when healthy but he not healthy a lot. I do think that since his injury this year was a non arm injury it shouldn’t hurt his trade value too much. I actually think not pitching half a season limited the arm stress. Also, the fact that he is not left handed is the ultimate reason I am dumping him. I would look to acquire talent to help rebuild the minor league pitching.
  4. Sign Yusei Kikuchi- I don’t know much about Kikuchi but I trust our Japan scouts. If they think he can make in the majors than I’m in. MLB trade rumors projects Kikuchi at 6 years for $42 million. I think that is low, but it is tough to gauge the market for him. I am going to go with 6 years for $48

So far we’ve add a bona fide star RF, taken a chance on a lefty from Japan, dumped Wacha and Jmart for some prospects, and added about $36 million in payroll. That brings us to about $173 million in payroll. I imagine the highest the cardinals would go is around $195, so we still have some room to work with. We still need a left handed bullpen option and probably a third baseman. On we go.

  1. Sign Josh Donaldson- Gyorko is a fine player, be thats the problem. The cardinals have plenty of fine players and need more players with high upside. This is exactly what Donaldson brings to the table. Yeah there is a good chance he will not play a full season and I am fine with that. I think playing Donaldson for 120-130 is much better than Gyorko. Gyorko has been battling injuries the past few years himself. I am betting on Donaldson for 2 years for $36 million.
  2. Trade Jedd Gyorko- As much as I would like to keep him around for injury insurance I don’t think his salary is worth it. I trade him for whatever prospects we can get and the salary relief.
  3. Trade Cecil and Gomber- I am packing Cecil and possibly another lesser prospect with Cecil to get some team to take his salary. I don’t care what we get get back. I don’t want Cecil on this team and I don’t want to have to flat out cut him. We have a glut of average to slightly above average pitchers and this is how I plan to use that strength. I would to do this for Fowler but I think he is owned too much and their is too much uncertainty for any team to want him.
  4. Sign Zach Britton- Britton is a good insurance policy for Hicks not being able to handle being the closer. Last year Holland was plan A and their was no real plan B because Gregerson was hurt. I don’t want that scenario to happen this year. We get the deal done with 2 years and $22 Million.
  5. Sign Rick Ankiel- I would like to add Ankiel on a minor league deal and invite him to spring training to see what he’s got.

If my math is correct this brings the payroll to just shy of $195 million. This leaves wiggle room to stay under the cap.

New Lineup

  1. Matt Carpenter 1B
  2. Bryce Harper RF
  3. Josh Donaldson 3B
  4. Marcell Ozuna LF
  5. Paul Dejong SS
  6. Yadier Molina C
  7. Kolten Wong 2B
  8. Harrison Bader CF

New Bench

  1. Carson Kelly
  2. Dexter Flower
  3. Tyler O’Neill
  4. Yairo Munoz
  5. Patrick Wisdom

I would like to get the bench down to four but without somehow getting rid of Dexter I don’t see how that is possible.

New Starting Rotation

  1. Carlos Martinez
  2. Miles Mikolas
  3. Yusei Kikuchi
  4. Jack Flaherty
  5. Open

New Bullpen

  1. Jordan Hicks
  2. Zach Britton
  3. Dominic Leone
  4. Luke Gregerson
  5. Adam Wainwright
  6. John Brebbia
  7. *Chasen Shreve

*** I put Shreve there but if he is out of options then he should be replaced with someone who has options

Gant, Hudson, Poncedeleon, Weaver, and Reyes all battle in spring training for the 5 spot. The safe bet would be Gant. I think Reyes will eventually in the rotation if he is healthy. I just don’t see him starting the year there due to health concerns.

We have cut 5 players off the 40 and added 4 back. I could see Mayers, Shreve, Webb, and Wisdom all cut or traded.

So there ya have it. There is my dream offseason. I know it is too many moves for it to happen but I can dream.

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